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QUALITAS was founded in 1998 as a joint stock company, with a current share capital of 120,000 RON and a current assets of over 200,000 RON.


QUALITAS is a member of:

  • Accreditation Association of Romania (RENAR)- by AOCAR Association
  • Association of Certified Certification Bodies in Romania (AOCAR) - member of EFAC (European Federation of Certification Bodies Associations)
  • The Romanian Association of Construction Contractors (ARACO)
  • The Association of Standardization in Romania (ASRO)
  • Group of Notified Bodies in Romania (GNB-CPR-RO)
  • Patronatului Societatilor de Constructii(PSC)
  • Coordination Group of Notification Body (GNB-CPR), established under Regulation (EU) 305/2011, with direct participation in Sectorial Groups SG-02, SG -10, SG-13 and SG-19


Systems certification


QUALITAS works as a certification body for management systems, for:

  • Certification of Quality Management Systems - reference SR EN ISO 9001: 2015
  • Certification of Environmental Management Systems - reference SR EN ISO 14001: 2015
  • Certification of Integrated Management Systems - Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety

under the accreditation regime of the Romanian Accreditation Association (RENAR), with certificate no. MS 014,


  • Certification of Energy Management Systems - reference SR EN ISO 50001: 2019
  • Certification of Information Security Management Systems - reference SR ISO / IEC 27001: 2018
  • Certification of Food Safety Management Systems - reference SR EN ISO 22000: 2019

without accreditation.

Through these activities, QUALITAS has certified over 1200 organizations in different fields (construction, industry, services, etc.), without having registered complaints or calls of its clients or other interested parties.

QUALITAS also carries out training activities in different modules for the presentation of the standards of the management systems used as references for the mentioned certifications and the training of internal / external auditors of these management systems.


Products certification


For the certification of CPF conformity in the regulated field, QUALITAS is Romanian Accreditation Association (RENAR ) accredited with no. ON 069, redesignated by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration and notified in Brussels with identification number 1823 – for FPC certification ,system AVCP 2+ , to masonry elements, masonry mortar, chimneys, aggregates, bituminous mixtures, bitumen emulsions, concrete prefabricates, metallic profiles, surface treatments.

For the certification of products in the voluntary field, QUALITAS is RENAR accredited with no. PR 015 for concrete, steel-concrete,steel wires, welded metal nets.

Through these activities QUALITAS has granted more than 50 certificates of CE conformity and over 80 certificates with the QUALITAS mark of conformity "Q" (trademark registered at OSIM Romania), for important producers in the country :Arcelor Mittal Hunedoara, COS Târgoviște and Buzău - formerly Mechel , Wienerberger Group Romania, LEIER Brikston Iași, LEIER Siceram Sighișoara, Grandemar Cluj Napoca, ELPRECO Craiova, etc) and abroad (Arcelor Mittal - Czech Republic, Ukraine and Bosnia and Herzegovina, OPEKA-Croatia, Neimar and Nexe - Serbia, DILER Istanbul, Habas Izmir – Turkey.




In addition to the certification services, QUALITAS also provides general training services regarding the standards and normative documents applicable to the systems of management and product conformity / production control in the factory, as well as for the training of internal / external auditors of the management systems.

The courses are structured on modules, having general themes and different durations, established in such a way that it can respond to the training needs at the different managerial and / or executive and / or process functions within an organization.




The QUALITAS team includes its own staff and external collaborators, specialists with a high level of theoretical training and practical experience in different fields of activity (construction, construction materials, metallurgical, chemical, extractive, transport, IT, trade and other services), as well as and on the specific activities of certification assessment.

The professional competences of the personnel, differentiated according to the management, technical and administrative functions involved in the certification processes according to the requirements specified in the standards (eg: SR ISO / IEC TS 17021-2; SR ISO / IEC TS 17021-3; SR ISO / IEC TS 17021-10) and other relevant documents are initially evaluated and periodically reassessed based on the permanent monitoring of the performances demonstrated in the current activities.

QUALITAS ensures the use of the personnel for evaluation / decision so that the impartiality, objectivity, credibility and confidentiality of its certification activities are not affected.






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